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Routing Base UOM

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Dear all,

I have a material which has a BASE UOM: EA

Product UOM: KG

82 KG = 1 EA

I create a routing and inside of it I put the BASE Operation UOM: 1000 KG

Shouldn't the system automatically know the relation there?

I open the operation line details and find in the Standard Values

Base Quantity: 1,000

Act/Operation UOM: KG

Unit of Measure Conversion

1 EA <=> 1 KG

How can this be fixed?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Maintained the relation ship between KG and EA in Material master change mode

click on Additional data tab--> click on Unit of measure, where you cam maintain the relationship



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I already have this relationship maintained, my problem is that the routing doesn't retrieve it.

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Although you have maintained the relationship in the material master, it won't get copied over here.

The unit mentioned here is operation UOM. And has independent identity.

You need to maintain the relation here too.

May I know the reason why you want UOM other than the base UOM?

And even if the special requirement then you can think & use the user exit available. Not so sure about it but you can give a try.

User exits available are






Take help of your ABAP guy.

Hope this helps you.


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