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Routing and Externally Process and Purchase requisition

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Dear Experts

I try to set routing with External processing.

I have 2 questions.

I would really appreciate you, if you could answer my questions.

I still have not understood the relationship between "Control key" and "Purchase Order"

The routing is like below

10 self manufacturing

20 External Processing with the control key is pp02

30 self manufacturing

In case I set "+" (Externally processed operation) for "External Processing" in "pp02", the Purchase Requisition will be created.

However in case I set "X" (Internally processed operation / Externally processed operation) for "External Processing" in "pp02", the Purchase Requisition will not be created.

My question is in case I set "X" for "External Processing" for Control key, how can I create Purchase Requisition?

Should I create Purchase Requisition manually?

In case I set task 20 as External Processing.

What kind of Work center should I regist for task20?

Is it dummy work center or is empty OK?

Best Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you maintain external processing in your control key PP02 and the system will create a purchase requisition when you release the production order. For that particular external processing operation you need to maintain the purchasing group and info record details in the external processing tab in routing.

Please refer my reply from this link,



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Thank you for your reply.

and Sorry that I should check other question...

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