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Route in the order

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Hi friends

When we create order, route should come automatically in the order (in shipping tab). If i enter manually, order accept. I have created new route, Reoue determinatin also.



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Hello Dave,

See for the Route Determination point of view the following should be maintained :

1. Departure Zone of the Shipping point as well as Ship-to-party.

2.Transportaion group.

3. Shipping condition.

If these above datas are not maintained then when we are creating a Sales Order, Route does not come automatically in Shipping Tab of the Sales Order.



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Hi Dave,

Check if you use Weight Groups..If it is so then request you to maintain the weight groups as well and then try to maintain the route.

Hope it helps.

Thanks and Regards


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Yes, it is possible but you will have to maintain configuration details in SD


IMG --> SD --> BF --> Routes

a. Define Routes

You will have to define modes of transport, Shipping Types, Transportation connection Points, Routes and stages

b. Define Route Determination

you will have to define Transportation Zones, Country and transportation zone for shipping point, Transportaion groups, Weight Groups and Route determination.

According to your need Define new route determination by delivery type. *

c. Route Schedule Determination

you will have to complete the configuration

Route Determination depends on the following pre config.

a. Country and Departure zone (Shipping Point)

b. Shipping Conditions (Picked from Sales Order)

c. Transportation Group (Sales:General/plant, Material Master)

d. Country and Transportation Zone (Shipt to party)

  • Routes can be redetermined based on weights

Route determination can be repeated by the System when creating a delivery. Delivery types, for which route determination is to be repeated, should be marked as such in their definition. In this case, route determination is carried out depending on weight. The route applies to the entire delivery.



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Maintain Transportation zone in customer master(General data tab). master(sales.general/plant).

you have to maintain shipping condition in customer master(sales area dats -- shipping)

for thin you have to maintain in OVL2(ship.cond, l group, plant....)

Now you can get route automatically in sales order.



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In addition to ramanathan raja s suggestion please check whether you have defined the shipping condition at sales document level(VOV8). If this is the case then shipping condition will be determined from the sales document and not from customer master.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks and Regards.


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Dear dave dave

Route determination automatically happens in sales order at item level (item details) shipping tab provided the configuration is perfect

T code 0VTC that is Zero VTC you need to do the settings

Route determination in sales order is based on 4 important parameters

1.Deaprture zone of the shipping point ( this will be there in shipping point details)

2.Shipping conditions from Sold to party (from CMR sales area data shipping tab)

3.Transportation group of the material from MMR (sales /general plant data from MMR)

4 Transportation group of the ship to party (from CMR sales area data shipping tab)

For this combination you need to maintain Route in T code 0VTC that is Zero VTC

If any one of these 4 is missing in their master records then route will not get picked in sales order

Mostly it will be some small miss outs if you have a relook you can correct it

Route can be rederemined in delivery based on weight

That is, weight comes in to picture, only during delivery

But the delivery doc type OVLK has to be configured for this to happen we need to mention it there



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Go to Img, LE, Transportaion, Basic transportaion function, Routes, Route detemination, Maintain route determination.

Here check the combination for

Departure country, Dep zone, Destination country, Receiving zone, Shipping condition, Transportaion goup - Route.

Shipping con from Customer master and Tran grp from Material master.


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Yes the route should be picked up automatically. The route seems to maintained correctly, as you are able to maintain route manually.

Automatic route determination depends on the Shipping Condition & Transportation group. Check whether these two are picked up correctly in the order.