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Route Determination

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Hi All,,

Please can any one explain the concept behind Route Determination.

In Sales & Distribution we use route Determination extensively what abt Material Management. I beleive we use it here too..If so can anyone give an detailed overview.



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Answers (2)

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Route can be determined in sales order with the help of 5 parameters: depart country, shipping conditions in customer master record, transportation group in material master, destination country, and weight group.

Weight group plays a vital role. The purpose of route detrmination is like in scenario's where company will ship goods to the customer in various ways not only that it has optional of having n number of routes select the best one & based on his customer priority (time & money.) for sending samples company will go for air, for delivering ordered goods it can go for different mode of transportation & routes.

Configuration part:

Define mode of transportation

Define shipping types.

Asssign shipping types to mode of transportation.

Define transportation legs.

Define route here normally we maintain data like whose is arranging transportation, transit time, distance of the route, transpotation planning time.

After that maintain stages in the route, by using transportation legs. Here we need to define whether load transfer, cross border or transportation is carring out between stages.

Define weight in group as per requirement.

You need to settings under SPRO > S&D > Basic Functions > Routes

Hope it gives the required info..

Departure Zone (Departure Country) + Shipping Condition + Transportation Group + Reciving Zone (Receiving Country) = Route Determination


SPRO --> Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Basic Shipping Functions --> Routes --> Route Determination --> Maintain Route Determination

Hopefully this document should answer your query.


Archit Gandhi

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Thanks Ravi & archit..



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The route used in the ERP system in sales orders, deliveries, and shipment documents is used in combination with an SAP EWM system for rough planning of the shipping procedure. The route determined when creating the outbound delivery is transferred to the SAP EWM system as grouping information. In the EWM system, ERP route information can be used to control warehouse-internal processing, such as when planning picking.

In SAP EWM, you can also use a georoute to schedule and plan processes within the warehouse more precisely. If the indicator Georoute and Mass ATPis set in combined processing for generating deliveries, the georoute is assigned to deliveries in ERP that come from stock transport orders. You cannot change the georoutes manually in the ERP system. However, the predetermined georoute can be used as a basis for a reassignment in the EWM system.

For outbound deliveries that are created from ERP sales orders, you cannot propose a georoute in the ERP system.

For more information, see SAP Library for SAP SCM and SAP EWM under Extended Warehouse Management Transportation Management Route Determination.


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