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Rounding profile in Purchase Requisition

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Dear Experts ,

I have maintained a rounding profile in material master & also in info record .

Whenever I create Po manually  , the PO qty is rounded off .

I also have a scenario where i create PR manually & then convert this PR into PO .

The problem is that the system doesnt round off the qty entered in PR & while converting PR to PO the qty is rounded off & I get a message 06 076 'Materials of requisition & item & alr. ordered in full'.

eg PR qty is 98 KG

PO qty rounded off is 100 KG & I get the message .

I have set this message as error as I donot want PO qty to be more than PR qty.

Hence I want rounding profile to be picked up in PR as well . How can this be done ?

Regards ,


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Answers (1)

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Hello Anis,

The rounding function is not available in purchase requisitions. See the Question 3 of the FAQ Note 772558 which explains this.

3.  Question:
In which cases does the system round in R/3 standard purchasing

The rounding function is not available in purchase requisitions. When
you convert a purchase requisition into a purchase order or when you
create a purchase order item, you can achieve rounding as follows:
- through a rounding value or
- through a defined rounding profile
if the master data (material master, info record) are maintained.
Moreover, you can control rounding logic using a user exit.
You can find information about extension MDR10001 in Note 303613.