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Rounding in Pricing

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We have a frustrating scenario that is causing an issue with our customers in Mexico.  In this region, our sales force has negotiated discount percentages out to three decimals (ex. 16.167%).   Due to rounding performed by standard SAP condition type NETP, depending on the quantity and price, we see some discrepancies between orders with our final unit price.   Details below:

Scenario 1 - nine units (you can see that an extra 0.03 was removed by NETP)

Condition TypeValueQuantityTotal
J3AP (List Price)309.8392788.47
Z020 (Std Discount %)12.167%339.2731449
NETP (Rounding Condition)-0.03
Subtotal 22449.17
Distribution Allowance3.5%85.72
Marketing Allowance2.5%61.23
Subtotal 32302.22
Unit Price (Subtotal 3 / Quantity)255.80

Scenario 2 - 1 unit

Condition TypeValueQuantityTotal
J3AP (List Price)309.831309.83
Z020 (Std Discount %)12.167%37.6970161
NETP (Rounding Condition)0
Subtotal 2272.13
Distribution Allowance3.5%9.52
Marketing Allowance2.5%6.80
Subtotal 3255.81
Unit Price (Subtotal 3 / Quantity)255.81

Have you ever run into a similar situation?   How did your company handle these rounding discrepancies?



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Check OSS Note 80183 - Rounding at