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Rounding differences in pricing when billed in different UoM

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I'm trying to find out does anyone has this rounding problem or know how to fix it when the sales quantity is in gallon and customer wants it bill in barrels. For example, a customer picks up 3 loads of heating oil from our terminal on the same day. Two of the loads are of the same quantity, said 6000 gallons. The third load is 6500 gallons. When we invoiced this customer in a different unit of measure (barrels), the unit price ($/bbl) for the first 2 loads is the same and the third is off by a penny even though it should be the same. It looks like SAP does not convert the quantity to enough decimal places to get more accurracy.

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Check these OSS Notes that deal with this problem: 22963, 50794, 91767

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Hi Bill,

I have a similar issue, can u tell me about your issue, is it solved.

waiting for your reply.

Thanks & Regards,


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hai all,

probably u can go to the invoice background and check if the rounding permitted option is checked r not..

just in case i doubt

spro-le-shipping-billind-billing doc someething like that i am not sure of the path and even u can round the wuantity in the material master creation

hope this helps u

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In pricing procedure try using routine 16 or routine 17 in requirement. This should serve the purpose.


Rajesh Banka

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Bill, the rounding is managed at pricing and condition level.

1) in the condition type in control data 2, there is a flag calle Qty Conversion that works as follows:

Quantity conversion (from SAP help)

This field controls the quantity conversion during determination of the

condition basis.

The field is only relevant for calculation rule 'C' (quantity-


It is relevant if the sales quantity unit and the condition quantity

unit are identical (and is different to the basis quantity unit).

o Deactivated: The condition basis quantity is converted via the

quantity to the stockkeeping unit. This means that the condition

quantity is determined for planned factors. This means that a change

to the conversion factors in the delivery or the order are not taken

into account.

Rounding errors can occur during quantity conversion.

o Activated: If the sales quantity unit and the condition quantity

unit are identical, the quantity of the document item is used, i.e.

the actual quantity.

2) the system manage the roundings up to 5 decimal places, so you can write your own routine to round the conditions.

3) have a look to the unit conversion in the material master data.(MM03, basic data->additional data) Here is managed the accuracy of the conversion.

reward points if helpful, pls.



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Check whether the conversion UOM is correctly set in the material master.

Ask ur MM guys so that the UOM does not afect while creating Sales order.