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Rounding by Document Setting

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Dear Experts,

When rouding by currency, i have the option to round to the nearest 5ct or nearest 10ct. However when i put the setting to rounding by document, it always rounds to the nearest whole amount. Even if i try to manually change is to another it changes back.

In this situation i would rather have it rounded to SRD 6741.70

Is there a location where for the settings for rounding by Document?

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Hi Ryan,

Go to Administration --> Setup --> Financial --> Currencies

Currencies Setup window will open

On your SRD currency, go to the rounding column and from drop down choose "Round to Ten Hundredth" and then Update.

Now in this case you will get your desired result as SRD 6742.70

Hope this helps you.



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Dear Harshal,

I am aware of this option, however this is only possible when Rouding by Currency is set.

The case of the business, because of a third party application is not able to work with this. So the rouding by Document option is used.

Do you know where those settings are defined.

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Do you have rounding applied to your price lists?

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Dear Julie,

No i do not have rounding applied to my price lists. If I did i would have to define a price for each of the UoM's for items. This calculation is then done in the pricelist, but not in the Marketing Document.