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rollover for interest rate instruments product

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Hi experts,

Just want to ask whether is it possible to allow 'rollover' activities for interest rate instruments product (product type 55*) in SAP Treasury?

currently I believe it is done only for fixed term deposits (product type 51*) transaction.

Appreciate your expert advice.

Thank you.

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As Jain suggested, we don't have standard Rollover function in transaction FTR_EDIT.

But you can rollover product types 55* in the following way:

Open your transaction in EDIT mode. Field "End" is available to change. So you can Rollover your transaction: replace old date (06.04.2018) with new one (for example, 06.04.2020).

Also you have to change your conditions in order to adjust flows. And to use, as Jain suggested, Changes in capital structures.