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Rollout project

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hi friends,

what are the job resposabilities of SD functional consultant in a Roll out project???



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Roll -out :

Extending the business functionality from corporate to its branch office.Example: You have main office in US and they implemented SAP.Also they have branch in India and want to implement in India.When implementing SAP in India office( having same company in corporate level and assigning a company code for India to the same company), you can say it's a roll out project.

Roll out example

IF client is on SAP and runing SAP

now he purchases new p-lant or set up new plant

then going on to sap for this new plant is roll out

Few More intresting points a consultant should know:

As per dictionary, Rollout means u201CInauguration or initial exhibition of a new productu201D.

As per SAP specific definition, rollout is the strategy for international SAP implementation. Rollout strategy normally include the following

- Whether to implement SAP simultaneously (also known as big-bang) in all the countries, or

- Go live in sequence of phased manner

- Or to go for the combination of both (phased manner implementation for some of the countries and big-bang for others).

Rollout strategy is the most important decision that a client can make during SAP implementation. Normally, steering committee decides the rollout strategy.

Check this link,39024653,39167631,00.htm


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Roll -out projects also as good as implementation. Rollout will be for laready implemented companies extending the SAP services to other country...So almost all the business process needs to be mapped to the new country and some conutry specific uniques business als will be mapped.

Rest all the same steps we do as implementation.


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Roll out is kind of implementation, if an implementation is already done for a country the same settings would be setup for the new country for which the roll out is being carried out.

Check below links. May be useful

[Roll out|]