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Role & Meaning of C&FA and it's configuration in SAP SD 4.7 ?

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My name's Karthik.I am a SAP SD consultant.I hav a doubt.Can anybody help me to make me understand the <b>meaning</b>,<b>full form</b> ,<b>role</b> and <b>configuration</b> of <b>C&FA</b> in SAP SD module 4.7.

Is it (1) <b>Carry and Forwarding Agent</b>. Or

(2) <b>Consignee And Forwarding Agent</b>, or

(3) <b>Clearing and forwarding Agent</b> ,OR Something else ????????????????

What is C&FA role in pharmaceutical Industries Particularly???????????


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the term C& F means CLEARING AND FORWARING agent ,

he is mainly responsible for clearing the client stocks as and when the stock arrives and forwarding it to the authorised people as instructed by the buisness.

they are the intermidiary in running buisness . as buisness need to explore new

areas and they can open offiices in all the places,then company appoints a C&F agent who is responsible for taking care of goods sent by the company and forwarding to the people say,dealers in that area withthe prior intimation of the


good luck

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Hi ......How to configure the role & responsibility in C& F Agent in SAP. And what is the difference between Clearing and forwarding Agent & Consignee & Forwarding Agent & Carry & Forwarding agent.

Hope somebody'll try to put a clear picture including the configuration in SAP.

Thanks & regards