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RG1 Updation

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Dear Experts,

We had updated table J_2RG1BAL and subsequently all the updations was going on well till a date. Suddenly after that whatever is the Closing Balance it came as the quantity manufactured also and thus our closing balance was becoming double for RG1 updation, even table J_2RG1BAL is also getting wrongly updated. Again now it is not getting added but the system is deducting the stock from the Wrong (double)closing balance.

But table J-1IRG1 is getting updated correctly with only 601 movement.

If anyone can advise like what might have gone wrong in that period that system is behaving in wrong way, and if anyone can provide a solution to it.



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Dear Experts,

The problem was found to be that we updated first time by 561 and RMA, after updating table J_21RG1BAL manually. Now my closing balance has become double. And table J_1IRGSUM is also showing qrong quantity.

Is there any way to rectify it?

If experts like Mr. G.Lakhsmipathy can throw some light on the issue, it will be very helpful.

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If "experts" like Mr. G.Lakhsmipathy

I have been repeatedly requesting on many occasions that dont spell any individual name here and I feel very uncomfortable when somebody calls like this. To be honest, I am not an expert.

Coming to your query, though I never had a similar experience, may be you can have a look at the following notes:-

a) Note 497763 - Database corrections for table J_1IRGSUM

b) Note 378207 - Wrong Quantity Updation of table J_1IRGSUM

c) Note 373001 - Loose and packed materials in RG1 register

G. Lakshmipathi

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Dear Mr. G.Laxmipathy,

I apologise if any of my actions have been against the norms of tthe forum. Hope not to repeat it again.

I had just taken your name because in more than one occassion your solution has been within the periphary of standard SAP, wihtout much developments. And I have beeen served in many occassions.

Coming back to the issue...

I have checked the notes....

If you couldd please tell me the process of uploading opening stock manually, upto J2I6.. It will be very helpful.

I apologise once again......