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RG1 problem

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Dear Gurus,

I've maintained all the J1ID settings, did the initial upload of stock with 561 movement type then trying to update RG1 with J1I5

When I'm trying to update RG1 register,

it says the list contains no data.

what must be the reason??

Thanks & Regards

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The sequence is like this:-All this was in OSS Note: 373001.

1. In SE16, enter Table name: J_2IRG1BAL, and click on Create. Enter the material Number and 'P' in Material form (Loose/Pack indicator) and click 'Save'. This step is to be done only for the first time.

2. Do your Initial Stock entry in MB1C, movement type 561

2. Go to J1I5, select Posting Date, Document Year and 'ROP in Classification (Receipt from outside under any other provision). Click on Create icon (Register entry)

4. Go to J2I5 and extract the RG1 Register. You must get a green checkmark.

5. After doing the PFI, go to J1I5, select Posting Date, Document Year and Classification 'IDH' (For domestic sales) or 'IDE' if the first removal is for Export Sale. Based on the accounting document generated during PGI (MB03) the RG1 Register gets updated with the removal for Outbound Delivery.

6. Reextract the RG1 register in J2I5. You must get a green checkmark.For the RG1 Register printout, go to J2I6, select the option, 'Script Form' and hit 'Execute.


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Hello Anil,

I go to J1I5, click on the Execute button, it shows that the list contains no data and still i click on the Create register entry it says processing over for 0 records.

what must be the problem?

Thanks & Regards

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Have you maintained movement type for RG1 in

Logistics-General -> Tax on Goods Movement -> India -> Business transactions -> Incoming Excise Invoices -> Specify Which Movement Types Involve Excise Invoices.

there maintain entry for RG1 register

Reward points if helpful.