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RFIDITBLIST: Italy Black List Declaration don´t generate de AVL

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Hi Gurus

We implementing the Black list countries report  RFIDITBLIST  use the Tx:  ITBLIST 

In Italy is required to report all the transactions when company has performed in Black List countries . The program create a file contain the summary of all the customers and vendor transactions as required by the tax authority .

The problem is than the program don´t generate the ALV and after that we can find the file .txt  in " target disk drive " but the file have the same information in many

additionally information :

- The OSS notes of Black List country are all implemented correctly in the system.

- I attached an example document in this transaction .

- The table T007l_IT  have the codes of company, Tax Code and Group number for Tax Amounts.

If anybody can i help me to understand the error please Any doubt , do not to hesitate to ask me

Best regards & thanks !

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Dear Alvini,         

As per the processing logic of the report RFIDITBLIST(Italy Black List Declaration) you need to customize the table T007L_IT based on your company code, tax code, document Type(If same tax code is used for services and delivery of goods), transaction key and the Box Number.

Box number in these tables are provided via SAP in note 1517201 depending upon different kind of transactions.    

Further you need to customize table TAXCD_REPR_IT if any representative going to declare on your behalf.

Table TCUST_NATURE_IT is required to customize in case if any customer is natural person.

Table T005_IT_UICREG is required to customize for UIC code of Country and Region.

After all the customization you need to execute the transaction ITBLIST by mentioning the Black List Country, Region , Customer/Vendor.

These parameter works in a way that,

1) If country is Black Listed then you just need to specify the country no other parameter.

2) If in a country any specific region is Black listed then you need to provide country and region.

3) If in a country you want to report Black List Customer/Vendor then you have to mention country and vendor/customer.

Hope this clarifies your doubt and help you to generate the Black List report list as well as file output.

Thanks and best regards,

Niteesh Rai