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RFDKLI20 - item quantity confirmation

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Dear all,

we are using credit management in SAP. Customer credit data are maintained in transaction FD32. In case that risk category is changed, report RFDKLI20 (transaction F.28 is adviced to run). Because of change of risk category I need system to change open documents (using option "Recreate FI and SD data"). In help is written that internal VA02 is used for this and should happen the same when VA02 was run. And here comes the problem. If I have a sales order with unconfirmed quantity (on purpose) of material (on stock is sufficient quantity), in standard VA02 transaction nothing happens. I run it, save the sales order. If I do not run "Item availability" check manually in VA02, material remains unconfirmed. But when run RFDKLI20, system CONFIRMS material quantity. I do not want this function. Is there any customizing for this? Or is it a "feature"?

Please, help me with this, because for us this is not a requested behaviour.

Thank you


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Active Contributor

Go through the Reason and Prerequisites in the following note

  • Note 509735 - RFDKLI20 does not set up a confirmed quantity

and see whether it matches your scenario

G. Lakshmipathi

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Thank you,

it led me to other note 33103 where is explained, that confirmation is standard behaviour during credit management recheck. For us it is very unpleasant.



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For the people with the same problem. If you do not like that report RFDKLI20 automatically confirm sales order's quantity, you can use USEREXIT_AVAIL_CHECK_CREDIT in MV45AFZF.