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RF transaction for receiving Customer Return

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Is there any standard RF transaction available, similar to LM71 or LM61, for receiving Customer Returns? The requirement is to scan Return Delivery (Delivery Category 'T') and process thereafter.

Both LM71 and LM61 doesn't recognise Return Delivery (Delivery Category 'T').

Please help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello amichakr

I've done some digging and have found out that neither LM71 nor LM61 are going to support return deliveries. See, returns is an inbound process executed against an outbound delivery - return delivery is technically an outbound delivery. Now consider SAP Help on RF-supported processes: Goods Receipt. It reads:


The goods receipt is based on an inbound delivery.

In my opinion that rules out RF-support of return process in SAP standard. Sure, you can rise a ticket to SAP support, but I can already give you the replay: "it's not supported". You are not going to get anything better.

I'm afraid you'd need to implement your own RF transactions. Given well documented WM APIs, it's not that difficult.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Hi Dominik,

Again, thank you very much for the confirmation. I have the same view as yours. I guess, it's a downside for Standard SAP RF application. Because Customer Return is a very common scenario is Warehouses. Anyway, We are implementing custom program to mitigate this.

can you kindly guide me for a query posted in the thread

Thank you,


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