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Rework order trigger

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Hi PP Experts,

I am confirming the regular production order in CO11N trans. Out of 100 confirmation 10 confirmations are reworked.

Is it possible that the Rework order should be trigger by system with different order type for the same qty with the same header component & with the BOM of same component (recursive BOM) but in routing with different work center.

If possible please give the solution and activity.

Best regard


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Answers (2)

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For trigger point.

1. You can use the trigger point are as,

2. Create a Standard trigger point in CO31.(Ex


Enter the Trigger Point usage /Group as FERT.

3.Tick the Trigger Point Functions.

4. Enable the indicator create order with Reference .

5.Enter the system status as PCNF.

6. Enter change as +.

7. Enable the indicator once.

8 . Now place the cursor on the create order with reference.

9. Goto Parameters.

10. In the Parameter enter in the group the created Reference op set group no.

11. Order type as PP01 and group counter as 1 and save the Trigger Point.

12. Now goto the Routing for your Material.

13. Choose the last op to assign the Trigger point.

14 .Select the OP -

> Goto ---> Trigger Point overview.

15. Enter the Trigger Point usage as FERT.

16.Now choose that line ,select the Details---> Trigger Point

17. The system will says standard trigger point exists from which you can select the created Trigger Point (EXx Production)


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Dear Nitin,

Thanks nitin for ur promp reply i will come back to u after checking as ur have mentioned.



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For that you need to create the rework order manually,

1.Create Rework order without material at CO07 with out material .

2. Assign the settlement receiver as orginal production order at settlement rule.

3. Assign the rework material & component if needed at rework order & assign the issue storage location

4. Do the confirmation for rework order & rework materail will be issued from stock to order.



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Dear R.Brahmankar,

I m doing manual Rework order at present but due to high frequency this process is going on at different work center.and not possible to create this rework order in time and hence we are getting delay in confirming the rework production order plz suggest some other work around solution.

Best Regards