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Review Details button not launching from Planning Overview

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Hi there,

I have run into a strange problem revolving around the launching of the Review Details iView from Planning Overview.  We are testing using a test user id.  I log in on my machine, go to the Planning Overview iView, select a user and click the Review Details button.  The iView launches for me.  When I log into the portal on another users machine, still using the same test user id, follow the same steps, the Review Details does not launch.

I've gone through the Tools -> Internet Options within Internet Explorer (we are using IE9) on both machines and didn't find anything that stood out as a major difference.

Anyone ran into this problem, or have an idea of what the problem might be?



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So I figured it out.  It was a very simple problem.  The protocol that I was using was HTTPS, where as the other people were using just HTTP.  When launching the Review Details, people in HTTP couldn't because the security didn't match.

Problem solved.