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Reversing the ORDER.

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We create Combo pack material i.e. adding 2 or more materials in a box and create new material.

For eg.

2000434 Playboy pack of 3 deos

which includes following three material

2000382 Malibu BS 150ml

2000383 Hollywood BS 150ml

2000384 Miami BS 150ml

The above steps are done with JOBWORK purchase order and there is no problem in creating combo packs.

Reversing the combo pack is the issue, so how to convert combo pack to single components.

Kindly suggest me the process to achieve it. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jeffery,

You need to define a dismantling or dis assembly process to meet this requirement. Normally this is done by creating a special production order type for dis assembly/dismantling.

This is possible by creating a production order without header via CO07, maintain the product to be dismantled as positive and its components as negative.

In your case it would be like below,

2000434 -> Positive number of packs you want to dismantle

2000382 -> Negative

2000383 -> Negative

2000384 -> Negative

The settlement rule for dismantling order type can be to any cost center where you want to track costs associated with dis mantling.

When you do goods issue or backflush via confirmation system will consume the finished product with positive quantity via 261 and the negative components will be posted to stock via 531 movement type.

Check the below threads, which have details on the complete process,

Disassembly production order | SCN

Dismantle/Disassembly order | SCN

Dismantling/Disassembly Process Discrete Manufa... | SCN

Dismantling/Disassembly Process Discrete Manufa... | SCN

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Ameya Beri

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You may do this with the help of the production order.

Try this

1. Create a production order without material

2. Assign components as header material (2000434) with the positive quantity and rest 3 material with the Negative quantity.

3. Do the goods issue with MIGO against the order.

4. System will generate the stock of the negative quantity component and consume the stock of the positive sign Component.

Hope this may help