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Reverse a cleared item to repost.

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The company I work for has implemented SAP recently and I have the following problem I'd appreciate a lot if you could help me with.

An item with a PO of several lines has been posted wrong (goods for line 30 were posted against line 10).

The item has been already been cleared.

Is there any way it can be reversed and reposted ok?

My main concern is that the clearing document cleared about 100 invoices... if I reverse it, will I have to post again the 100 invoices or is there any way I could reverse the clearing document and then JUST the item I posted wrong?

Additionally, is there any risk vendors get paid TWICE if I reverse a clearing document?

Please help!

Thanks a lot!

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you can't reverse only one item. Just whole document.

There is a risk to pay twice. To avoid this situation you must have write all Document Numbers under this clearance. Displays all entries in FBL1N and after clearing process. If you want keep this documents execute a 'mass change' for 'payment Block'. Assign Block 'A'. If you don't want do that excecute a Mass Reversal F.80.

The only way to get paid twice is generate EDI to Banks.


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Hi Alex,

If you want reverse cleared line items you can do through T-Code "FBRA"

As you are bothering about double payment it will not pay,

Go ahead and reverse through FBRA and re post it.

Hope this solves your issue.


Imran M Arab

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You can see whether you can do MIRO (Credit Memo) to debit the Vendor Account and Credit Material account.

But the best way is to reset the cleared documents. Reverse the GRN and do the GRN again and then do MIRO.