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Reversal after BAnk Transfer (DME)

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Can we do bank transfer reversal


There are some correction in my current monmth payroll, so now we need to update and rerun the payroll.

In this case I need to delete current result and rerun , so when I am trying to delete system is showing message - "payroll bank transfer is run cant delete current payroll result"

For thi scase i need to reverse the bank transfer

so how we can manage thi sscenario., is there any alternate solution fo rth esame.



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Answers (2)

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Why do you need to re-run the entire payroll? What is the nature or your corrections?

Normally once you have PUSHED the ACH out to the BANKS there is nothing you can do "normally" to circumvent this.

I'd like to know what your real problem was ...can you provide that?

Regards: Billy Don Jowers

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We paid one additional Amount in IT 15, so that amount we need to delete and rerun payroll , So now payroll is in exit mode also and ran Bank transfer also .

In this case what we can do

For posting we can do reversal in PCP0, same like that can we have a solution in Bank Transfer rversal plz



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One of the way to do the rectification is to run 2nd PRE DME and take 2nd run id. You can do the changes in the master data as per your requirement and rerun the payroll. After executing the payroll, system will give new updated salary. Then you can run pre dme with wage type /558 and download the bank statement. /558 WT will give the balance amount for disbursement.

System will not allow to delete the cluster if PRE-DME is already done.

Please note

If the payment method specified is a bank transfer, you must determine

whether this is the first payment run in this payroll period. If this isa

repeated payment run and the bank transfer checkbox was flagged for the

first payment run when the DME program was started, the amount from wage

type /562 (Balance of net pay) is stored in wage type /558 (Paymentof

balance). If this is not the case, the system creates wage type /559

(Bank transfer).

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Nilesh and All,

This is for International payroll:

I tried to run this report , but its specific for US payroll, I am getting error "country grouping is not valid"



do any one let me know the same report for International payroll