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Revenue Recognition Value Calculation

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Hi Experts,

any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

I have set up Rev Rec in my ECC 5.0 sandbox system with Item Category configuration as follows:

- Rev Rec Category = A (Time-related)

- Accrual Period Start = A (Based on contract start date)

- Revenue Dsitribution Type = B (Billing-plan related and Correction undistributed)

All transactions (VA41-VF44-VF01) are functioning and posting as desired with one exception: the values posted to the Rev Rec lines (VBREVE-WRBTR) upon contract creation do not match the values in my billing plan date lines (FPLT-FAKWR). These inaccurate Rev Rec line values are subsequently posting to the proper GL accounts.

Itu2019s apparent that these inaccurate values are calculated based on the billing plan value and prorated based on a calendar for that month.

Our fiscal calendar is based on a 4-4-5 week quarter u2013 which is reflected in the Accrual Period (VBREVE-ACCPD) for each record. However, the calculated values are not identical even when the Accrual Period is the same.

My intent is to have the billing plan values (i.e. 1000 USD per month) match the Rev Rec Lines instead of the values determined .

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The values in the setup are correct. They are calculated based on FY calendar...