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Revenue Recognition GL extract

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Could you advise I need to create an Rev Rec report per company code.Most of the data is available in BSEG and BKPF ,I am not able to find some fields for the invoice any advice where I can find other fields.

Thank you for looking into this.

Fiscal year/period

Company Code

G/L Account


Invoice Line Item

Invoice type

Src Document Number

SAP Document Type

Project Number

Posting date

Transaction Amount

Group Amount

Local Amount

Thanks Amy

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A few questions - are you using the SD revenue recognition module and SD for your invoices? If so, then I would not start the extract with the FI tables (BSIS, BSAS, BKPF, etc.).

Instead, I would use the SD Tables and supplement the data with FI and Rev Rec data.

VBRK/VBRP (billing header/item tables)

VBAK/VBAP (SD order header/items)

VBREVK/VBREVE/VBREVR (SD-rev rec tables)

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Hi ,

Any idea how can I extract the credit and debit signs as it needs to be considered part of the extract.Need to identify if an posting is credit or debit (+).Is there any specific field that store this information.

Thank you for your time !!



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Use field SHKZG


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Hi Vikas ,

Thanks, Which table do i need to pull this field,



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Any document contains two areas

1. Header level(Company code , dates, document types etc.,)

2. Line item level(GL account, posting key, amount etc.,)

All header level details you can see in BKPF table

All line item level details you can see as follow

BSIS & BSAS - GL Accounts

BSID & BSAD - Customer accounts

BSIK & BSAK - Vendor accounts

Nobody directly use BSEG table for the reports because of performance issues.


Murali. N

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Please find the below

Fiscal year/period : BKPF

Company Code : BKPF

G/L Account : BSEG

Doc.number : BKPF

Invoice Line Item : BSEG

Invoice type : BSEG

Src Document Number : Reference Field from BKPF (XBLNR)

SAP Document Type : BKPF

Project Number : No idea

Posting date : BKPF

Transaction Amount : BSEG

Group Amount : BSEG

Local Amount : BSEG