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Revenue Posting to Cost Center & Pforfitibility Segment (Object Numbers)

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Dear All,

I have tested a scnario, i.e., Can we post Revenue to the Cost Center?

1st Case:- I tried to post Revenue to Cost Center & it was done. The Cost Center was updated Stastical Posting. ( Here i had entered Cost Center Manually, no other object was entered except Cost Cneter)

2nd Case :- I have done the same way but i have entered PSG manually.

But here my doubt is : in COEP Table both documents were updated Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610. Which is Recon Object Type. In 2nd case i have entered PSG but in 1st case i have entered only one Cost Center but how the system was updated the CO Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610


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As per note 41103 under point 6, revenues posted to cost centers will only be statistical. The category types 11 and 12 are revenue based cost elements.

As cost centers can carry revenues statistically only, the system has to create a reconciliation object automatically. It is just a generated object (containing charactersistics like company code, plant, business area, profit center,...) and this object is necessary to create as the real posting must be made. Otherwise, CO and FI would get out of sync.

If only costing based COPA is active reconciliation object ("REO") is posted to if there is no real account assignment for the revenues (no CO-PA object/no revenue order or any other object which can carry revenues->please see note 106968).

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The short answer is that you CAN NOT post "revenues" onto a cost centre.

The definition of revenue is critical though - Revenue is postings into a cost element category 11 & 12, meaning that the posting is anticipated from a billing document.

If you simply want to be able to post revenue through FI, then there is nothing stopping you from posting using a category 1 entry.