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Revenue & Cost

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Dear Experts,

Need your view on this.

In report S_ALR_87013531 (Or any Other) I am getting Actual Revenue values in column on Cost.

No values shown for Actual Revenue & Actual Cost showing these extra entries.


How to correct?


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1. Try running CJEN and then check.

2. Even if ur planned revenues are getting added in Planned cost...then check what is the cost element category u r using for revenue cost should be 11....if not change the cost element for revenue with cost element category 11...and then run the report again.

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After running CJEN it is clear.

What does CJEN do?


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Transaction CJEN deletes the data records of the projects selected on the selection screen from the RPSCO/RPSQT and sets them up again based on tables BPPE, BPJA, BPGE, COSP, COSS, COSPP, COSSP, COSB, COSR, FMSU and FMSP. You can use the following parameters for the flow control:

1.0 Background processing: Determines whether the transaction is executed on-line or in the background;

2.0 Test run: If this flag is set, no update occurs.

3.0 Deletion: With this flag you can completely delete the project information database for the selected projects. Generally, this is not required. Apart from reasonable exceptions you must not set this flag.


Reconstruction does not enter objects marked for deletion (DLFL). Value categories in existing RPSCO records for these objects cannot be deleted from the Customizing (Error message HF213) as long as the respective project was not yet archived.