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revenue accout and reconsilation account

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Hi gurus,

what is diffeerence between reconcilation account and revnue account. anothe one is differrence between smartform and script.

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Also check the below link as how to configure different account determination in SAP


Krishna O

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Revenue account and reconciliation account

Revenue Account

It is for Sales Revenue and is determined by SD-FI integration , which is linked in pricing procedure by Account key and other combinations as defined in Tcode VKOA. So sales revenue account is updated every time when billing document is posted.

Reconciliation account

A customer master record in SD is also an A/R (accounts receivables) in FI. When you create a customer master record you also have to specify the reconciliation account. Account in G/L accounting, to which automatic entries are posted during a business activity. It is generally the case that several sub ledger accounts post to a common reconciliation account.

This ensures that the developments in the sub ledger accounts are accurately reflected in the general ledger (i.e. in line with balance sheet conventions). You can set up a reconciliation account for, say, all overseas customers.

for further info, view following link

Smartform and script


Forms define the text format and page layout of documents. You can format them for display on the screen or output to a printer according to the definitions.

1. supports multiple pages ; 2. main window not necessary ; 3. Labels cannot be created ; 4. routines can be written ; 5. A functional module is generated on activation ; 6. Cannot be downloaded to hard disk ; 7. smart form is client independent.


Its nothing but layout.

1. multiple pages not supported ; 2. main window is necessary ; 3. Labels can be created ; 4. routines cannot be written ; 5. no functional module gets generated on activation ; 6. can be downloaded to hard disk ; 7. sap scripts are client dependent.


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