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Revaluation of Foreign Bank GL Accounts (Main & Sub Accounts)

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Dear All,

Please clarify the Below.

If Company code currency is INR and Bank Account is maitained in USD for 100101(main bank Acct) , 2 sub Accounts 100102-Incoming Bank Acct and 100103-Out going Bank Acct.( These sub accounts are maintained on open item basis and Main GL account will be on Line item Basis).

when ever the Incoming and Out going payments are done these Subaccounts are getting posted.How does the revaluation work at period end for these 3 accounts.

what kind of configuration needs to be done for these accounts in OBA1 settings.

Generally the bank account balance on the closing is revaluated and if we set the subaccounts in the OBA1 settings (which are managed on open item).

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Best Regards


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Means that Main bank Account is the only account to be maintained IN OBA1 under KDF settings, Or Only the bank SUB Accounts are maintained in OBA1 Settings?.

Currently in our existing live system only Bank sub accounts are SEt up in the OBA1. And revaluation postings are correctly taking place for the main account balance. My question is where does in the system we specify The main account for revaluation?

How does Actually SAP Work in this kind of scenario.

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Hi Stefen

Sub-accounts are Bank clearing accounts. Any clearing account managed on Open item basis are not valuated in FC revaluation, because these accounts are meant for BRS. Hence the main bank account alone are revaluated.

In OBA1, define exchange rate gain/loss for transaction keys relevant for exchange rate like KDD, KDF, etc.

Before that set up valuation methods also for revaluation and define the exchange rate for the relevant foreign currency/local currency.

Hope this is useful

S Jayaram