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Revaluation of consumption CKMLCP calculated but not posted

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Dear Colleagues,

I'm facing an issue that the Revaluation of consumption is not posted during the post closing entries in material ledger.

below is the situation:

- ML and actual costing are active

- material update (movement type groups, assignment to transactions ) customizing is done ( revaluate FI + CO assingment) and movement type groups are captured normally within goods issue and other consumption.

- Account determination OBYC - COC is maitained

- The revaluation of consumption step runs normally and calculates amounts, documents updated normally in CKM3 under consumption level as below:

- In post closing step. I select revaluate material + revaluation of consumption + set CO account assignment and the step runs with no errors

- but finally, all I got is the entries for material stock revaluation and no entries for COGS revaluation at all.

Does anyone has explanation? what should I do?

another question, what is the V_REST in CKM3?

Thanks in advance

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I am facing same problem. What is resolution ? Please suggest.



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