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Reusing a connection string

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Are we prohibited from connecting to Business One multiple times using the same connection string? Error -7200 (Connection - Connection string doesn't match UI development work mode) is reported when we do so.

To keep the UI responsive, lengthy tasks are performed by another process started by our add-on. This process needs a B1 connection for its UI. A connection attempt using the string passed to the add-on on its command line fails with error -7200.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dana,

Unfortunately there is no such option, if you are working with just one Add-On. The only currently possible workaround would be to have a second Add-On for such kind of processes.

In this case you will have of course have to eventually synchronize both Add-Ons + handle inter-process communication to initiate the operation in the second Add-On from the first/main Add-On.

But I think you could at least run lengthy DI operations in that second Add-On and keep on working in the first one - though I did not yet try that.

I am sure there are prerequisites when using DI APIs transaction handling capabilities (locks!).

I would like to check that out a bit more, but I am not sure when that can happen...



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