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Reuse voided manual check

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I have a problem about the manual check.

At first I used FCH5 to assign a manual check number to a payment document. But later on I used FCH8 to cancel the payment together with voiding the check number.

Under such circumstances, I would like to know whether this check number can be re-used to assign to other payment document number, as physically this check doesn't have any problem.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if this helps:

Deleting Check Information for Payment Run

If the print program crashes, the print management file will be incomplete in respect of the following information: The information stored in the check information file up to the time of the crash. The check forms generated by the print program. Since there is also no way of verifying whether the data so far generated is consistent, you have no option but to delete the check information on the payment run.

To do this, choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® For payment run. On the next screen, enter the data for the payment run in question and choose Execute.

In addition to this, you must also delete from the print management files the print jobs that were generated. After this you can rerun the print program.

Deleting Information on Manually Created Checks

You can delete information about a manually created check in the following cases: If you specified an incorrect check number when entering the check number. If a check payment was unexpectedly not made.

To do this, choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Manual checks.

Deleting Information on Unused Voided Checks

If an unused check was incorrectly voided, you must also delete the information stored for this check as follows:

Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Voided checks. On the next screen, enter the paying company code and the relevant check numbers.

Resetting Void Check Data

If an issued check was mistakenly voided, you can reset the data (void reason code, user, and so on) contained in the check information so that the check is designated as a valid check again and can be cashed by the recipient.

Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Reset data.

Resetting Data on Cashed Checks/Extracts

If the wrong checks were selected for manual cashing or if an update was carried out when creating an extract, although the file should only be created for test purposes, the incorrect check information can be corrected as follows:

Choose Environment ® Check information ® Delete ® Reset data.


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