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1. can u define Returns

2. after returns order , is it we have to create returns delivery or credit memo

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Normally retrun order will be created for complaints. The damaged goods has to be taken back from the customer. So there will be a return order created with reference to the Invoice, follwed by a retrun delivery and post goods receipt.

The credit for the retrun will be give to the customer. for that a credit memo will be generated with reference to the return order.

Hope you are clear about the process.


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When customer returns goods to you, you have to create a Return order.

Return is created either with reference to the Sales order or Billing document. It can also be created with out any reference .

With reference to this Return order( RE), a Return delivery is created, putaway & PGR.

You have to compensate the customer by two ways. Either you will issue him a Credit memo or you will replace the quantity.

If you are issueing a Credit memo, then always remember, you have create the Credit memo with reference to the Return order and NOT from the Return delivery.

Before creating the Credit memo , you have to remove the billing block from the Return order, otherwise system will givw order. THis is the approval step.

If you are repalcing , then you have to create an order with Order type "Subsequent delivery free of charge"(SDF)., with reference to the Return order. Remeber ,this order type SDF" Subsequent delivery free of charge) always requires a reference document.It is created with reference to the Return order.

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The return of Sold material can because of number things, for instance, faulty material, wrong material delievered, material damaged in transit, etc..

In this case SD cycle would be:

Return Order can with reference to Sales Order/Billing Doc (For the same you have to maintain a copy control) or without any reference.

> RE (Return Order) - LR (Return Delivery) - PGR (Post Goods Receipt) - G2 (Credit Memo)

Subsequently, if youhave to return the repaired/replaced goods to the customer you can use subsequent Delivery free of charge cycle - SD, which we can create with reference to G2/RE or without any reference. It cycle would be:

> SD (Sub. Delivery free of charge) - LF (Outbound Delivery) - PGI (Post Goods Issue)

Hope it might helped you. Kindly Reward.

Take care. JP.