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Hi All,

I have a small error in the returns cycle. I have created an order for 10 units done PGI for 10units and invoice for 10units. Then I do the returns refering this billing document for 5 units, PGR for 5 units and CN for 5units.

Now the system is allowing me for creating a return order for 10units again, PGR for 10 units and CN for 10units.

Where should I control this quantity returns?

Kindly suggest.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (4)

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This is happening due to copy control setitings of billing document to returns order.

follow the steps

goto VTAF and select your source(billing doc type) and target (returns order type) documents -

>double click on item which is left side of screen and goto your assigened item category of returns order type------->in Pos./neg. quantity here you should keep '+' sign.

now system will deduct the quantites in source document after you create any returns documnet by using this billing doc as reference document.

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Dear Vinod,

The Quantity field must be white field & you should change the quantity from 10 to 5. This is standard, that when we create with reference to Invoice / Order, it will by defaukt pick the quantity based on reference document & we can do the necessary change in Sales Order & also Return delivery. But capturing the required return quantity is required as Sales Order level, as Credit Memo is created with reference to Sales Order & not Return Delivery.

Hope the above information is helpful to you.


Rajesh Banka

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also please check at 0vlp screen, for REN item category, check over delivery field has to be adjusted to show the error

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Hi Vinod,

As per my view you can control through copying routines, You are copying the item data from Invoice to Return order, to copy that data we need to maintain the copying routine at item level in the copy controls of Billing to Sales order T.Code VTAF, Standard routine for that is 153.

With the ABAPer help you can made the changes in that routine as per your requirement. The logic should be the while creating Return order system need to check is there any retuns happened from this invoice if there the system need to allow for return only remaining quantity.

I hope it will help you,