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Returns stock

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where can I get a report of materials which have been in a Returns stock type on a certain date, e.g. on 31st December 2007 (materials which have not been moved yet to Unrestricted stock with movement type 453).



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Answers (4)

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453 mvt type is used for the return of materials sent to sub contracting vendor assembled with finished product.

For return to unrestricted use 542 mvt type.

Check in MMBE for the particular material.Stock in vendor premises will b displayed.

Also use MB51 tcode.Give mvt type and check.

Hope you got the solution.



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Dear Tapio.

Use transaction MB51.

Put movement 161 for PO return item & take report


Put mvt 122 for return delivery

You will get details,

Reward if useful,

Vivek Maitra

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Hi Tapio,

I can't use SAP at the moment but my opinion:

I'm afraid MB5B is not good for this purpose because it doesn't make difference between stock types...

If your stock haven't been removed from 'return' state maybe you can check it in MB52...

If you want to know your return-stock level on a particular day in the past I think you have to create an own query (please check the first thread on this forum you can find links where you can get information on the relevant tables - or you can search on this forum as well there are several threads about this kind of tables).

You can also use MB51 I think. In this case you have to get a riport where the filter criteria are as the followings:

- all incoming material movements to the return stock (you have to collect/consider all relevant movement types).

- all outgoing material movements out of/from return stock (...all relevant movement types...)

Downloading into an excel file (you can switch into excel friendly ALV in MB51) you have to summarize the results for each material & batch & etc.

If your filter critera were good the result will show the stock levels of return stock on that particular day.



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Try in MB5B