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Returns process

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when the customer returns back the goods to the company , the company will check and give the credit note to the customers.

When the credit note is given, will it effct any GL Accounts. How the pricing procedure is effected. what has to be done.

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As far as GL's concern Debit from the sales revenue account and credit to the customer.If u want a separate pricing for returns u can go for a new one according to ur client requirment.



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Hi Toni,

When customer returns the material, in general scenario the return material will undergo a quanlity check and they will deside the material will be taken into stock or to the scrap.

the same pricing procedure is determined because of the same condition value or amt of the material.

in the pricing procedure , the pr00 will have ERL as account key , the same will be determined when we will do the credit memo



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Dear Toni,

When you create Creditnote the value will get posted to the G/L account in, the DG account document type will be generated.

The pricing procedure ill efected based on the Retuns order pricing procedure because you are creating creditmemo for retunrs.

If you are creating credit memo with reference to credit memo request system will take creditmemo request pricing in to creditmemo.

If you want new pricing procedure need to be determine while creation of creditmemo you can do the pricing procedure according to that.

In the copy control settings also(Between return deliver and Credit memo) you need maintain as Carry out new pricing in the field Pricing type

I hope it will help you,