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return goods: sales return

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Hi sap gurus,

If the goods are returned back, what happens to the returned goods.

What is the diff b/w Subsequent delivery free of charge and free of charge delivery

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Once the goods are retruned and the customer doesnt want the replacement but credit, yo can go ahead with creating a credit memo with reference to the return order. If the customer want repalcement, then a subsequent free of change delivery will be give to the customer.

Once the goods are retruned, it will be recived as blocked stock. Once the quality cehc is over, then accoring to the goods condition, it it is reusable then it will be taken back to unrestricted otherwise it will be scrapped.


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When the goods are returned back , it first goes to the Block/restricted stock.

The quality assurance department will varify it and if they certify as 'OK', then again a document is created with a different movement type to include it in the un-restricted stock.

In the process, we have to create a Return order (you have to put a order reason,why this has taken place ), which can be created either with reference to the Sales order or Billing document. Ofcourse it can be created without any reference also.

With reference to the Return order, a Return delivery is created and a Put away & PGR for the same.

Then, we have to issue a Credit memo for the return and **it is created with reference to the Return order**.

Before creating a Credit memo , you have to remove the "billing block" from the Return order.

your 2nd question

When you send a Demo material to your customer, you do not charge for it. It is for demonstration purpose , so no commercial value is associated.

To process this type of material, you create an order with Order type FD. This is called "Free of charge Delivery".

Another scenario,

You had sent some quantity of material say M1 to your cutomer.

Customer has paid for those quantity. Now, customer has returned suppose one unit due to damage. I want to replace this one unit by a fresh one. So, now I will send a fresh piece as replacement which is free of charge.

That means , I am sending subsequently one more unit/quantity which is now free of charge. This is processed with order type SDF and called "Subsequent delivery Free of charge".

The most important difference between "FD" (Free of charge delivery) and "SDF"(Subsequent delivery free of charge) is that FD does not require any reference but SDF always requires a preceding document.

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The goods so returned needs to be updated in the company's stock and you need to credit the customer for the value of the goods by means of a credit memo. If you doing a fresh delivery for the items returned ( In other words giving him replacements ) then you do a Subsequent deliveru FOC. FOC is used for samples and where there is no earlier order reference.