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Return Delivery from Inspection lot for STO

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Scenario is the following:

1) STO is created between two plants

2) Quality inspection lot is created on receiving side

3) Usage decision is to reject the material, so send it back to the sending plant

4) Using QA11 tcode, the “Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 122 _ X _ B)” error message raised

The standard program is checking the T156SC table with the following entries:

BWART (Movement Type) – 122

WERTU (Value Update) - blank

MENGU (Quantity Update) – X

SOBKX (Special Stock Indicator) – blank

KZBEW (Movement Indicator) – B

KZZUG (Receipt Indicator) – blank

There is no entry in the table with these parameters and the strange is the “KZZUG” field is blank however I think (logically) it should have “X” value which means “Stock transport order”. (If the KZZUG field would be populated with “X”, there should be no problem because that entry is in the table)

I am thinking about following things and I need some feedback:

1) In case I maintain the missing (from my point of view misleading) entry in the table I get rid of this error, but then I got another related to T156SY….I don’t feel confident doing this change in the standard configuration. (Please don't tell me this is the solution )

2) The “best” way would be to figure out why the KZZUG field is not populated, but I haven’t found the solution yet

3) Standard bug -> OSS Message?

Any idea/suggestion would be appreciated!



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Dear Attila

Return Delivery in case of STO via quality is not practical or feaible as i think so. Because in STO case

When delivery is made of X quanity from sending plant to receiving plant. Then value of stock is directly updated in receiving plant and quantity is only updated when material is received.

So if you want to post the return delivery with the help of quality. then lots of documents have to reverse.

So go for practical solution Make a return P.O for supplying plant. and send back to material to supplying plant with that p.o



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Thanks for the feedback: actually we are counting on many document reversal (deliveries, GI, GR), because this is the only way we can do. When a goods received from external party we receive it to a particular location, but that location is not owning the goods and has to be sent over to the real owner, via STO. In case the material is inspection relevant, the inspection has to be in place in the final location (there is no inspection in the first receiving location).

If we do a return PO (and in case the MAP of the material is changed in the meantime) we are doing an incorrect posting, because of a changed MAP, therefore this is not really a good option for us.

From our point of view, the best would be to be able to revers (reject) goods from inspection lot against STO, but we cannot do that and I am a looking for the reason why (based on configuration maybe it should be possible, but it seems the standard config values are missing).



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Have you explored option of sending material back from unrestricted?

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Hey - Yes, in the beginning we considered it as an option (as a work-around), but due to the business process we follow, it is not acceptable.