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Return delivery before invoice

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with sales process configuration.

Buisness case:

Customer generate a sales order document, outbound delivery and posting goods. Invoice is generate on end of every month. Very often return delivery is generate before generate the invoice. Outbound delivery is after posting process and cancellation process is not recomended. If invoice will be generate with reference to the sales order, the quantity will be wrong, because system get information from sales order without correction to return delivery quantity. The assumption is that the invoice must have a correct quantity as a sum based on outbound and return delivery.

Can someone help me? Is some good solution in standard?


P. Bogacz

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Your process should have been sale order --> delivery --> PGI --> Billing --> Return Order --> Return Delivery.

This means, the copy control for return order should be your billing document and not sale order. By having this control, if you want to create a return sale order, you should have generated billing document and of course, the despatch quantity will also tally


G. Lakshmipathi

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If the return was created against sales order that had its outbound delivery PGI'ed and does not had billing posted due to no POD is posted ( goods damaged in transit and customer refuse to receive ), how do we make the outbound delivery status updated from In Process to Completed? is there any workaround?