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Retrieve info of Component allocation(Tcode :CA03)

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When displaying a routing using CA03 and going to the Operation Overview screen,there is the option to choose the Component Allocation button for a Activity shown on the screen.This displays the component allocation details.

Is there any function module which would give component Allocation information(Path,level,component,operation number and sequence) that is shown on the CA03 Material Component Overview screen.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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PLMZ will give you the BOM information for the routing.

You will have to use the BOM explosion function module to get the BOM used as per the validity date in PLMZ i.e. PLMZ-DATUV.

as below

<b>Call Function 'CS_BOM_EXPLOSION'


CAPID = 'PP01' <u>-> Production look at TC04 for additional CAPID values</u>


MTNRV = <i>Material Number from routing (MAPL-MATNR)</i>



WERKS = <i>Plant from routing (MAPL-WERKS)</i></b>

on execution <b>STBP</b> will contain the components and <b>TOPMAT</b> will contain the BOM header.


<u><b>PS: Only put the exporting parameters you would need. You will need to supply all the tables parameters and the changing parameters</b></u>

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Hi Rishi,

Thanks for your help.The function module

'CS_BOM_EXPLOSION' returns the bom related values,

I need the operation number field VORNR to be retreived from the component allocation screen.

How can this be done?

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Here it is.

<b>Link from PLMZ to BOM line (Operation allocation)</b>


I am guessing you already have the link from PLPO to PLMZ guessing from your earlier posts here.

<b>VORNR can be selected from PLPO</b>


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Hi Rishi,

Thanks for your help.

Can you please specify the link between plpo and plmz table.

Thanks and regards,


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Have a look at 'CP_EX_PLAN_READ' which gives the complete details of a routing based on change number.

Plz do not forget to call the FM 'CP_EX_DATA_REFRESH_NEW' before the FM 'CP_EX_PLAN_READ' is called.

You may find many useful FMs in FuGr: CPEX

The FMs in FuGr CSAP could be used to read BOM related data.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards

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<i>Here is the join for PLKO to PLMZ (some fields/where condition used for testing)</i>

<b>SELECT plpovornr plmzstlal plmz~stlnr

INTO (plpo-vornr, plmz-stlal, plmz-stlnr)

FROM plko

JOIN plas ON plasplnty EQ plkoplnty AND

plasplnnr EQ plkoplnnr AND

plasplnal EQ plkoplnal

JOIN plpo ON plpoplnty EQ plasplnty AND

plpoplnnr EQ plasplnnr AND

plpoplnkn EQ plasplnkn AND

plpozaehl EQ plaszaehl

LEFT OUTER JOIN plmz ON plmzplnty EQ plasplnty AND

plmzplnnr EQ plasplnnr AND

plmzplnkn EQ plasplnkn

WHERE plko~plnty EQ 'N'

AND plko~plnnr EQ '50002328'

AND plko~verwe EQ '1'

AND plko~statu EQ '4'

AND plko~delkz EQ space

AND plas~loekz EQ space

AND plpo~loekz EQ space.

WRITE: / plpo-vornr, plmz-stlal, plmz-stlnr.


remember that all operations need not have components assigned to them hence the LEFT OUTER JOIN.

Performance should also be considered, this is just an example to give you the links. Replace '50002328' with some valid PLKO-PLNNR in your system.



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I believe that the table is PLMZ. You can make some connections with PLKO and PLPO.


Rich Heilman