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Retaining the PERNR in case of termination and rehire in other country

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Hi All,

We have NUMKR set up as 'External' and the legacy system is Workday where the employee number is same across all the countries. The issue that we are facing is:

- An EE is hired in SAP with the PERNR as 1234 say in country IN

- EE gets terminated in EE

- Rehried in US with the same PERNR

So when the EE is rehired in US with the same PERNR there is an error " Org Reassignment not possible" due to change in MOLGA. I know this is due to the VIEKN in IT 0003 thats causing the error. But then action type Country Reassignment whould ideally work in this case right as i have the number range as external? 

Any thoughts on how to retain the PERNR in such cases using Rehire action or Country Reassignment action in SAP.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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afraid you just can't use the same number twice. A country change always forces a pernr change.

To really treat the two assignments as being the same person, yiu'd have to use the "global employees" functionality, which is not a quick thing to do during tea break. Check it out in doco

Alternativeky, you can do it the lean way and reference the old pernr as reference pernr during the bew hire and then you will find that both prrnrs are connected via the same "central person" object.

It's a big topic. I'm sure you find a lot of doco on it in detail.

WHatevet: you can nevet keep pernr with Molga change (but you can keep personnel ID from the global EE functionality)

best wishes


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