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result analysis

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Hello All,

How does work in progress and settlement will be calculated when there is result analasys activated.

Please explain both the scenarios when result analysis not activated and activated(if possible with an example)

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Phani,

Scenario1 - No RA Key (RA is not activated), in such case, you cannot calculate the WIP for those order types for which the RA Key is not defined. The balance would remain in the order which is unsettled to FI. This will distort the financial results. as the value of consuption is considered as only expenses while posting the consumptions. but that values is true spirit is not expence but WIP inventory.

Scenario 2 - RA key is defined in Order Types (Result Analysis is activated), in such case, please consider whatever sadashivan said is perfectly right.

Hope this will clarify the accouting aspect and the SAP behaviour of calculation of Result analysis.

best regards


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In order to calculate WIP for an Order, you must have a Result Analysis Key, Each Production Order carries a RAK in its

header level. WIP or we may say unfinished goods in a Production Order is calculated period by period. It is the

difference between the debit and credit of an order which has not been delivered and valuated at actual cost.

The difference between the work in process in the current period and the work in process in the pervious period corresponds to the inventory change of unfinished products.

The inventory change can be transferred to Financial Accounting (FI) and Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) during period-end closing for Cost Object Controlling when you settle. Settlement to FI capitalizes the inventories of unfinished products. The system debits the unfinished goods account (balance sheet) and credits the inventory change account (income statement). For goods that have been placed into finished goods inventory during the period, the system cancels the work-in-process inventory when you settle. This posting is performed in accordance with the posting rules defined in Customizing. The posting rules specify which accounts are posted during settlement.

Best Regards,