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Restriction over Cancelling customer invoice based on creation date

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Hi Expert,

The requirement at our client is as follows,

While cancelling the Customer Invoice using VF02 or VF11, system should restrict the user based on the creation date of the Invoice or accounting document creation date (VBRK-ERDAT or BKPF-CPUDT) with certain date or time.

Kindly suggest if there is any existing user exits available in SAP.


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Not clear with what exactly the Business requirement is and is it for delivery related billing or order related billing.  If it is delivery related billing, in general, system would consider the billing date as PGI date which means, the billing date may not be current date.

In standard, if the Accounting Document is cleared, then, there is a standard routine to restrict cancelling the corresponding billing document via VF11 and not VF02 as indicated by you.

You can insert the custom logic in USEREXIT_FILL_VBRK_VBRP without hard coding by maintaining the required variables in TVARVC table.  For this, I need more information on the Business requirement