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Restricting Modification In Component Of Production Order

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In our business scenario, we have @ 18 users who have authorisation for transaction Code CO02. If these users need to change any component in production order, they change the existing component directly.Keeping the exsting authorisation intact, I want to restrict these users from changing components of a production order. Rather they should delete the component which they want to change & add the same component again with the changed properties.

How to apply lock only for modifying exsting component in the production order?

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I think you should use a transaction variant for this to be implemented.

Use SHD0 to create a transaction variant.

First selsct the users for which you want that he should not be able to cahnge the components.

Then using ids for users one by one you need to activate the transaction variants separately for each and every user which makes the components grayed out in there log in. By this they will not be able to do the changes.

You have to do it directkly in production environment, Try it in Development first and then replicate in Production.