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Restrict user to exceute others report

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I want to know how can we control an user belonging to a payroll area ( say R1) should be able to execute the remuneration statement of his own, but he should not be able to do for others in the same payroll area( that is R1).

For Ex

Employee A and Employee B belongs to payroll area R1.

Employee A should be able to view his remuneration statement only but he should not be able to view other employee B remuneration statement.

For this i created one role

In the role under HR

For P_ABAP object (HR: Reporting)

Degree of simplification for a : i gave 1 ( that is report should be executed Infotype authorization independent of org. assignment )

ABAP Program Name I gave the program name of remuneration statement..

For P_PERNR object (HR: Master Data - Personnel Number Check)

Authorization level : M, R

Infotype : 0000, 0001, 0002, 2003-2005

Interpretation of assigned per : I

Subtype : *

With this setting the employee is able to run his remuneration satetment as well as other employees also. But in "Interpretation of assigned per " if i change it as "E'" the employee is able to run others remuneration statement but not his own remuneration. This is just opposite to what I want. Please suggest me what are the other things i need to do in this case.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Interesting question. What is the transaction for your report? I want to see the delivered auth object for the tcode.

I dealt with P_PERNR from an ESS perpective. The report or tcode is usually just for the person and you can manipulate the info type access for the person's data.

Perhaps the report your running might give us a clue on how to approach your question.

-John N.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I resolved this issue in another way by creating a Zprogram and restricting the access. Thanks for all those who put in the effort for answering this.

Sorry for not giving prompt response

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hi visali,

when displaying remuneration statements, the info required is mainly gathered from the clusters and not from the infotypes. therefore, P_PERNR (and P_ORGIN as well) will not give you the desired outcome.

I'm assuming that your using the RPCEDT** report (T-code PC00_M**_CEDT) ?

in an ESS scenario it is possible to only view your own remuneration statement because the PERNR is known. this can be built without ESS, but requires some custom coding.

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Have you been using PD profiles?