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Restrict P.O creatall vendor with a/c grp (Z006)

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For the vendor group Z006 (Vendors-Original Manufacturers), no Accounting view nor other details related to payments, tax are being maintained. Still the users creates the P.O, subsequently executes MIGO, but during MIRO they face the error related to accounting. At this stage they realize that they have picked wrong vendor/ vendor account group. Then we have to reverse all the documents and create the same vendor with correct account group. So as to avoid all these wrong transaction execution we want to restrict the user to create the P.O for the vendor account group Z006


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Answers (4)

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Contact the Basic person to restrict this account group for the users who are doing this process..

After restricing he will not be able to create vendors using this account group while creating PO.

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If you do not want the Vendor Account Group Z006 to be used for any Purchasing Transaction then do not maintain "Purchasing Data" of the Vendor.

Better ask users to create those vendors through FK01 instead of XK01.

It will solve your purpose. If user will try to create ant Purchasing Document like; PR, PO, etc... then system will give error message and not allow to proceed further.

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You can restrict at the time of PO creation by using User-exit MM06E005 or BAdi "ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST". Check the vendor account group at the time of creation and it is Z006 then dont allow to save the PO.

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without purchase view system will not pick up migo

s plz check that

try extending the vendor for purchaseing

then try doing migo , i think it will work

reward if helpful