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Restrict Access/Display of ESS payslip until after bank transfer

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In ECC6, EP7, is there a way to restrict access or display of an ESS payslip/salary statement until after bank transfer (or some other parameter)?


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Answers (4)

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Hi CA,

Can you pls check this thread. I had a similar requiment and it got resolved by this


Hope it helps.



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I don't know of a way to do this "pure vanilla" without writing any code, but I can tell you where to look at the code you might want to modify. I am still researching the best way to handle this myself, but as mentioned above, this is in the BAdI XSS_REM_INTERFACE, Method PROVIDE_FILTERED_RGDIR. The "vanilla" code in this method has a line:

newest_date = sy-datum + 3.

I believe this line is setting how many days in advance of the paydate the REM statement is visible in ESS, apparently hard-coding it to 3 days in advance. It could be that you could modify this to be a variable, reading a constant from a table like T511K, wherein the number of days in advance could be managed from setting the constant in the table. We did something like this here in the past, but abandoned that code, and now I am looking at the best way to re-integrate that functionality.

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Hi Every one,

What this BADI (XSS_REM_INTERFACE) do? Can we run this BADI straight away and get the payslip restricted as per the logic defined in the BADI or do we need to do some more changes in the BADI which terms to some ABAP work?

Because i am wondering how can i restrict the view of the payslip till one day before the pay day for our client. Can i do this with the standard configuration? or with the standard BADI with out any further changes or is there any other way?

Why i am asking this question is our project is a pure vanila and not supposed todo any developments.



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Check the badi XSS_REM_INTERFACE.