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Restore deletion of released purchasr requisition

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Hey guys

I have an urgent situation,

We had pr release strategy with indicator2 wich were changable after released we have chaned indicator to unchangable after release recently

Now the problem is, there was an deleted pr which were deleted before this change and now client wants to unreleas pr using me54n and after that restore deletion

But system says, this pr can not be released

What can we do?

Thanks for your replys in advance

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Answers (1)

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PR is nothing but an internal document. So it is advisable that you create new PR for the same. Before doing the changes, you should have unreleased it earlier, and since the new changes in configuration wrt release strategy has come into effect, it won't allow you to unrelease the old PR.

Delete the Old PR and create a new one.


Vignesh Bhatt