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Rest file sequence number for dmee tree(005)

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Hi Sap gurus,     

I want to reset the file sequence number for a DMEE tree (005) which is used by Canada,

i tried to reset but am not able to find the exact place where i have to do.

Please guide me to achieve this ........plz................

Thanks in advance .............

Best regards,    

Rajesh K.

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Hi Rajesh,

In DMEE scenario, a file will have Message id, instruction id and endtoend id. Can you inform which one of these you are referring to.?

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Hi Ravish Prabhu,

Thanks for your quick reply........

Unfortunately i didn't seen any message id or instruction id or endtoend id like in other tree types.

The tree am using is 005 which is used for Canada payments. in this there is no such tags.

Please advice me whether is it possible to reset are not because in the tree i observed one function module is using for generating the file sequence number (DMEE_EXIT_CA_CREATIONNO)

Thanks in advance.....


Rajesh k.

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HI Rajesh,

The 005 tree has two atoms for generating the sequence number. One is from structure FPM_005- CREAT_NO and another is DMEE_EXIT_CA_CREATIONNO (if FPM_005- CREAT_NO is empty)

If FPM_005- CREAT_NO is not null, then value stored in this structure is taken else from DMEE exit is used.

Pls. check with your ABAPer whether these strucuture or DMEE exit can be reset. However, as long as these fields generate unique numbers i do not see any need to reset these values.