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Resource selection

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Dear Experts,

I am in PPPI MTS environment and below is my scenario;

Finished Products F1 and F2 have same semi finished product SF.

Production of SF is done at various resources depends upon product specification (only shape of product is diff), so product SF can be produced on resource R1, R2 or R3.

Now if I want to produce F1 and F2 at same time, as per current configuration all my demand goes to SF with first master recipe available and hence only at one resource (my production versions have similar lot sizes as all resources have similar capacity).


Requirement -

My demand for SF should get distributed to different resources like R1 and R2 as per F1 and F2. as it currently goes to only first available production version, and I don't want to use manual selection of production version as data is very large.

Need your expert comments on this.


Devidas Karad

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Dear Devidas,

The PV can be only be set for automatic selection with the lot sizing function. however, this doesn't satisfy your requirements. the only possible way is for manual intervention in which system will pop up on which PV to be selected upon process order creation.

You may read up this too.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If your planned orders are create through MRP, then you can use a quota arrangement to distribute a percentage of material for each production version.

Take a look on this link for more details:

MRP Source determination using a quota arrangement - ERP Manufacturing (PP) - SCN Wiki