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Reset a counter (measuring point) through function module

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I would like to reset a counter with a BAPI.

For now, I used MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_SINGLE_001 to update counters but it does not seem to work for reseting.

I saw the FM MEASUREM_DOCUM_CREATE_SINGLE, but I do not manage to fill it properly to create a document. Nothing happens when i launch it (no error but no creation either).

Have you already done this kind of updates ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Perrine,

I do not have this fm MEASUREM_DOCUM_CREATE_SINGLE in my system. Perhaps this comes with some EHP. Secondly, have you tried using fm BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT with this fm?

Also, have a look at user-exit IMRC0001 to explore any way of meeting your requirements (It does not look to me so, but you might have a creative look at it). If no option is there then a BDC program might be the option.



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Hello Jogeswara,

Sorry for my late answer, but your solution is the one we used: we created a BDC program to do that, no other choice.

Thank you for your help !

Best regards,


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