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Reprint Sales Contract with updated data

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Can we re print sales contract output with the updated sales contract data? If there is a miss typed quantity in sales contract and the sales contract already saved, then I want to change the quantity and re print it.

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Dear experts,

Can you please let me understand the mechanism of liquidity item derivation with buffer items?

The process is ME21N(PO creation) > MIGO (Goods movement) > MIRO(Incoming invoice) > F110 (Payment).

The FI documents chains (BSEG) are following.

1. MIGO: Inventory (S) / GRIR(H)

2. MIRO: GRIR(S) / Payable (H)

3. F110: Payable (S) / Bank Clearing Account

We would like to derive liquidity item to trace "payment for inventory", it seems we have to use buffer item to derive liquidity item from payment to invoice, but I do not know how to configure that. Could you please help me out?

Best regards,